St. Louis' loose diamond headquarters is Southside Diamond Jewelry!  You won't find a better source for loose diamonds in St. Louis! Don't pay those crazy mall prices on loose diamonds.  We can sell you diamonds for less than the Mall, Discount Shops, and even online shops like Blue Nile.  Plus, you can come in and inspect the diamonds yourself, instead of trusting some online company.

You can buy it in the store, and we can set it for you, or you can buy it here and get it set wherever you choose.  It's up to you, as you can get exactly what you want without the pressure of a mall store.

All of our diamonds are certified by an independent lab in New York, with paperwork that we can verify with you.  You'll never get  diamond that you don't like that hasn't been certified from Southside.  It's the quality difference between us and the Mall, Discount Shops, and even online shops like Blue Nile.

We also have Dave Eckert on staff here.  Dave is the best jeweler in St. Louis and has worked in the business for years.  Dave makes some of the finest jewelry in St. Louis, and you'll be proud to wear his work.

Southside Diamond Jewelry also offers:

We are a small business that has been built on the foundation of old fashioned business principles. The warmth a customer feels when it’s obvious they are dealing with the right people at the right time. Old-fashioned business principals will never conflict with modern, innovative technology that permits our company the tools needed to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. However, our principals are a daily reminder that we have no asset more valuable than our customers. Small business has a disadvantage when it comes to marketing budgets, so our maximum effort toward good customer relations gives our company a distinct advantage in old-fashioned Word of Mouth advertisement. This investment to customer relations and word of mouth advertisement, keeps our company lean, so we may continue with the lowest prices possible.