When you hear the word laser, you probably think of blowing things up, or high tech scientific experiments or even crazy villains trying to take over the world with a laser. One of the last things you think a laser can do is to work on your intricate jewelry. Well, laser technology is making it possible to work on jewelry that once was impossible to fix or too costly to repair. Now, St. Louis Jewelry Repair has a powerful laser to repair our customers’ jewelry.

Lasers can repair an antique enameled pin without damaging the enamel or leaving visible signs of the restoration work. Our laser can fix jewelry without removing the stones or running the risk of solder flowing into the hinge, destroying its mobility. Antique filigree that has broken can be repaired. Restoring antique platinum jewelry is now possible with St. Louis Jewelry Repair’s new Laser Welder. This laser can also help create complicated pieces and diamond intensive pieces of custom jewelry.

Our master jeweler can repair even costume jewelry that was unrepairable just a few years ago. Jewelers used to discourage people with sterling silver and CZ pieces that had broken from doing traditional repair work. Now St. Louis Jewelry Repair can repair or restore some of the most fragile jewelry pieces.

All traditional metals can be laser welded, including base metals, karat gold, sterling silver, palladium and platinum, offering a complete array of repair options. Platinum traditionally is the most difficult metal to work on, the laser has now rendered platinum much easier to repair and can be used to create new designs.

Visit St. Louis Jewelry Repair today for any and all of your jewelry restoration needs. Low cost, high quality repairs with no up-charge for laser use keeps our loyal customers returning and spreading the news of their superior experience.