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Posted by on in Professional Jewelers

Don’t be alarmed if the back of your ring starts to appear dull or you see the slight appearance of dull yellow on the surface – this is a natural process when the rhodium on the surface of white gold starts wearing off and the yellow gold starts to emerge onto the surface. This is no reason to panic. You can always get the shine and brightness of your white gold ring back to its original glory by getting rhodium plating done by the certified jewelers at Southside Jewelry in St. Louis, Missouri.

If you want to maintain the distinct sheen exuberance and beauty of your white gold rings and precious jewelry forever, Rhodium Plating (or dipping) is a great option. Rhodium plating will not only enhance the reflectivity and luster of white gold, but also make the diamonds on it shine brighter and appear more clear and brilliant. Also, Rhodium plating, when completed by the experienced jewelers at Southside Jewelry, can enhance the life and durability of white gold jewelry and also make it less susceptible to corrosion and damage.

Rhodium is a rare, silvery white metal that belongs to the Platinum group in the periodic table. As compared to gold and other precious metals, it is more reflective and does not “oxidize” with air even in extreme weather conditions or heat exposure. Because of this property, not just white gold, but silver jewelry is also plated with it to retain a shiny and bright appearance.

What few people know is that Rhodium plating is not just a process to make white gold shiny again – all white gold jewelry undergoes Rhodium plating when first designed. Most jewelers make white gold by adding alloys like Palladium and Nickel into yellow gold. However, the resulting white gold is not pure white – it has a faint yellowish tinge to it. To make it appear silvery and shine brighter, it is plated with Rhodium coating for a bright silver look.

The process, unfortunately, is not permanent, and with normal wear over time the brilliance will fade away and the bright shine will wear off.

To maintain the quality and allure of your white gold jewelry and rings, it is important to use very experienced jewelers just like the team at Southside Jewelers of St. Louis, Missouri.

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In St. Louis, there are lots of choices when choosing to buy jewelry. You can pick from a variety of stores, all with different selections and pieces. So why should you pick Southside Jewelry for your jewelry needs? We have more than a few reasons why you should come in today!

GIA Certification

Our jewelers and jewelry repair specialists are certified with the Gemological Institute of America. They are the leading certification agency for gem certification in the United States. GIA's mission is to ensure the public trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, and professionalism through education, research, laboratory services, and instrument development. They only certify the best, and that’s who we employ at Southside.

Loose Diamonds

Along with our massive selection available, we also have the best prices on loose diamonds in the St. Louis area. There’s no reason to drive all the way to the mall to pay the mall store surcharge for your diamonds. Come to Southside and let US provide the loose diamonds. We can then set them for you, or you can have them set wherever you please. You have all of the power. We just want you to get the best deal on your diamond.

Huge Selection

Speaking of that massive selection, we have thousands of pieces available through our store, and hundreds of unique pieces available through our shop. We can provide any cut or design you want. Nobody will get you a lower price on your jewelry piece than Southside.

Repair Excellence

We also have two full-time jewelers on staff. Both of our jewelers have provided our customers the very finest quality possible for the past twenty-plus years.

David Ponciroli, known as Ponce, has been with our company for the past fifteen years, and David Eckart, previously of Hamilton Jewelers, are the most experienced pair of jewelers in the St. Louis area, and even the shop’s owner, Keith Brooks, is a GIA certified specialist. We can size and repair your jewelry to the finest degree, and will take care of your heirlooms as if they were our own.

So come into Southside Jewelry at 8101 Gravois Road, in beautiful St. Louis, Missouri, in the heart of historic South County, to find out why Southside is the best jewelry shop in St. Louis. Let our friendly staff and huge selection make you a lifelong customer of Southside Jewelry and a part of our family.

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In today’s 21st century marketplace jewelry companies only have two sources of competitive advantage. They can learn more about their customers than their competitors and they can turn that customer knowledge into perceived superior value propositions before the competition. Southside Diamond Jewelry in St. Louis realizes the importance of a strong customer base and the work involved to retain these relationships.

The real battle in today’s jewelry market is in creating individual customer strategies. The most valuable assets in any jewelry company are not the inventory, but rather its customers. When jewelry companies cannot be sold, what happens? There is a liquidation of assets. Jewelry store buyers are looking for jewelry stores with loyal customers who consistently purchase. It’s time to manage the relationship with each customer in a more deliberate and strategic manner.

The jewelry industry has joined the interactive era and that means that loyal customers expect to receive more relevant information in a timely fashion. For decades, jewelry stores have used the strategy of carrying the best brands to create a competitive advantage. This has helped stores leverage the creation of brand awareness of their own store brand. What needs to change is the approach to the customer. Now jewelry stores have the opportunity through interactive marketing to listen and learn more about each customer’s needs, wants, demands and desires. Jewelry stores can improve their offerings of brand name jewelry and reinforce customer loyalty to their own store through improved on-going dialogue with each customer.

Jewelers need to do more at their point of sale. At Southside Diamond Jewelry in St. Louis we use every tool to develop a loyal customer and understand their particular desire.

Social media is a tool we use effectively. Customers can stay in touch with our store at a time best for them. Specials, creations, and new inventory is available for them to view at home. This effort continues to support our jewelry retention at Southside Diamond Jewelry in St. Louis. Hope to see you soon!

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Fine jewelry represents much more than its trade value in diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals. It is a personal representation of the lifestyle, status, emotion, recognition, commitment, and more.

That significance only amplifies how devastating the loss of a gemstone is for the owner. Even one missing accent stone renders the jewelry unwearable. Loss of a significant gemstone will also Impact the retailer who sold the piece and the manufacturer who engineered and produced it.

The loosening damage or loss of gemstones in jewelry can be attributed to two factors: Poor workmanship or the absence of benchmarking standards for gemstone setting. Benchmarks are specific parameters used to compare and evaluate the acceptability of a finished product for the market. At Southside in our diamond jewelry business these standards are minimum ownership demands for its customers, every day, every job.

Stone loss can be avoided. Inspecting each piece and comparing it against established benchmarks for signs of vulnerability in normal wear gives the jeweler/manufacturer an opportunity to address potential problems before the jewelry is offered for sale. Adopting consistent task-specific benchmarks encourages sound design and good workmanship, assuring the quality of jewelry for the customer. Here are some examples of prong setting benchmarks for traditional angled prongs.

  1. Prong angle is 70-80 degrees
  2. Sufficient prong thickness is needed to secure the stone in place, so 40-50% of the metal is removed from the prong thickness at the bearing.
  3. Diamond is seated level in the bearing just above the gallery wire. There are no gaps in any bearing – the bearing is the cut made in a prong and must precisely fit the stone contour when properly set to move or loosen.
  4. Finished prong height is 75-85% of table height. Ample prong height allows to hold up through normal wear.
  5. Prong contact is 33-50% of total crown distance. Adequate prong contact over the crown is critical to a stable setting.
  6. Prongs are rounded, polished, and consistent in size and shape.

Quality assurance at Southside’s Diamond Jewelry business is without question the number one demand for each piece of jewelry we sell or repair. We purchase quality jewelry from our suppliers that will give our customers many years of enjoyment without problems. Gold is soft, routine inspections are important. At Southside, we inspect our customers’ jewelry, free of charge, as a way of saying thank you for your business!

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Posted by on in Professional Jewelers

When you hear the word laser, you probably think of blowing things up, or high tech scientific experiments or even crazy villains trying to take over the world with a laser. One of the last things you think a laser can do is to work on your intricate jewelry. Well, laser technology is making it possible to work on jewelry that once was impossible to fix or too costly to repair. Now, St. Louis Jewelry Repair has a powerful laser to repair our customers’ jewelry.

Lasers can repair an antique enameled pin without damaging the enamel or leaving visible signs of the restoration work. Our laser can fix jewelry without removing the stones or running the risk of solder flowing into the hinge, destroying its mobility. Antique filigree that has broken can be repaired. Restoring antique platinum jewelry is now possible with St. Louis Jewelry Repair’s new Laser Welder. This laser can also help create complicated pieces and diamond intensive pieces of custom jewelry.

Our master jeweler can repair even costume jewelry that was unrepairable just a few years ago. Jewelers used to discourage people with sterling silver and CZ pieces that had broken from doing traditional repair work. Now St. Louis Jewelry Repair can repair or restore some of the most fragile jewelry pieces.

All traditional metals can be laser welded, including base metals, karat gold, sterling silver, palladium and platinum, offering a complete array of repair options. Platinum traditionally is the most difficult metal to work on, the laser has now rendered platinum much easier to repair and can be used to create new designs.

Visit St. Louis Jewelry Repair today for any and all of your jewelry restoration needs. Low cost, high quality repairs with no up-charge for laser use keeps our loyal customers returning and spreading the news of their superior experience.

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